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A strong anti LTN campaigner, Farah has visited all the affected boroughs across London and taken the time to visit and speak to both residents and businesses that are suffering with the LTN initiative.

She has witnessed mass injustices from councils ignoring residents, bullying, harassment and intimidation tactics, therefore she stands firmly to continue the fight and support communities being affected.

Farah is actively assisting communities to help build cases and share knowledge between different boroughs, as she says “We must unite together, to bring change.”

If you have a concern you wish to bring to Farah’s attention, please email us info@farahlondon.com

Farah London talks at Lambeth LTN Protest

Farah London talking to residents in Islington

Farah London at Islington LTN Protest

Talking to upset Tooting residents

Farah London in Waltham Forest seeing LTN madness

Farah London in Haringey LTN madness

Farah London speaks with Brixton residents about LTN

LTN in Islington - Farah London

LTN madness across London


Stop London’s Road Closures LTNs