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Youth Empowerment

  • Free Performing Art and Creative academies opened across London for youth aged from 8 – 21, to provide opportunities away from crime and gang culture. The academies will provide free access to courses in music, acting, film making, editing, coding, dance, singing. This will be supplemented with state of the art recording studios and photography and film equipment accessible for free
  • A business resource centre will be established to encourage young entrepreneurs to start businesses
  • Sporting Academies will provide marginalised youths with training and nurture the next generation of Olympic athletes and major sporting stars
  • Coding Academies will provide training across the full spectrum of the technology to create a world class talent pool of young coders in London
  • Mentor Programme introduced, by  working with businesses to develop mentorship programs
  • Youth work experience program working with local businesses to provide work placement opportunities
  • Apprenticeships in key trades and business sectors available on a part or full time basis to provide opportunities
  • Free gym access for youth from 16 to 20
  • Grants for young business entrepreneurs
  • Increase opportunities and work placements for youths
  • Providing free access to youth for rehab to assist with early addiction
  • Stop exploration of youth in county lines awareness by working with communities to provide support to parents to recognise signs