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  • With the retreat of the pandemic a travel to London campaign will be introduced into key markets across the globe
  • The London travel campaign will boost tourism into London, we will work with local businesses and smaller establishments to promote greater London attractions
  • City Hall will work with tourism and hospitality businesses, large and small across, to help them redefine their offering and seize new opportunities as the travel industry slowly reawakens
  • Key to the strategy will be to increase the desirability London as a travel destination by inspiring more people to visit, stay longer and spend more
  • City Hall will drive collaboration amongst London’s stakeholders to grow tourism in the region
  • Gaps in infrastructure, signage, planning, and service delivery will be identified and removed to ensure an improved visitor experience in target markets
  • City Hall will make London a year-round proposition for leisure and business travellers through promoting high profile events and festivals
  • Amsterdam attracts 20 million tourists to their legal Cannabis cafes. London will pilot legalised Cannabis in specific areas across the city and, with strict controls, explore opportunities for associated tourism opportunities