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Building a tech eco-system with the greatest minds from all over the world, working with the private sector to make London the largest Tech City in the world. I want to see London’s tech cluster become the world’s biggest hub outside Silicon Valley.

I will work to attract large scale foreign direct investment to create new and high value employment. Critical to this is a skilled workforce. I will deepen London’s talent pool by encouraging the uptake of free training in computer coding and artificial intelligence, for all ages including school aged children and adults.

As Mayor I will strengthen London’s digital connectivity by urgently expanding full fibre broadband. Our coverage is just over 16%, way behind many of our international counterparts.


  • A center of excellence for tech advancement leading the way to be a global leader in innovation and new tech development.
  • Tech London will include a dedicated department to produce the future of electric car batteries, leading zero carbon future.
  • The home of robotic innovation
  • Artificial intelligence advancement
  • App development grants
  • Free Coding and tech training academies open for all from age 16 plus, to build a talent pool of coders
  • Lobby government for reduced corporation tax on Tech Companies
  • Tech grants for schools and companies to upgrade equipment
  • Training for teachers in schools and colleges to advance tech training to students
  • A home to empower creative industry professionals
  • Invest in Fintech development to support financial services