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War On Drugs

  • Introduce a comprehensive three-point strategy to tackles drugs and drug related problems across London. Focussed on reducing harm, reducing demand and reducing the supply. This will confront London’s drug crisis head-on and deliver a much-needed solution.
  • As part of the strategy London will:

    • Develop new and innovative responses to prevent uptake, delay first use and reduce tobacco and drug related problems by restricting and regulating availability
    • Target substances including methamphetamines and other stimulants, opioids, new psychoactive compounds, non-medical use of pharmaceuticals, cannabis
  •  Strategy will also target priority populations where the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse are most chronic and will deliver tailored solutions for people with mental health conditions, younger people, older people, those in contact with the criminal justice system
  • City Hall will insist on closer and better coordination between agencies and providers working with vulnerable people, including family intervention, child protection and out-of-home-care agencies
  • Have a specialist drug division within the police to work with cities across the world that are known to manufacture the Class A drugs and traffic to London, so we can jointly declare war on drugs and off our streets.
  • Free access to rehab centres across London
  • Cannabis will be legalised and permitted to be consumed in designated cannabis cafes on an initial trial bases (licence given by City Hall) or at home. Strict no smoking in public areas regulations will continue to be observed. The trial will be piloted in different boroughs including Camden, Shoreditch and Croydon
  • Commercial Licences will be issued to grow cannabis and supply the designated cafes. The system will fracture gang culture by removing their primary source of income which is otherwise used to finance human trafficking activities and the purchase of firearms



  • Shisha Cafes indoor smoking licence will be granted to establishments that meet the industrial exhaust requirements