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As a mayoral candidate, Farah wrote an extensive manifesto for London, that would have transformed London, from the economy to social justice projects. She recognises the importance to bring much-needed change into our city and that is why she is devoted to still deliver items from her manifesto through private funding and donations.


  • Farah stands strongly against sea pollution and the destruction of our oceans, including the devastating effects on all the innocent inhabitants. In particular she is a campaigner for the sea turtles and stands strongly against the effects of ghost nets in our ocean. 
  • She is actively raising awareness and fund raising to help with the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles in the Maldives, that are often caught in ghost nets and lose their limbs and cannot be returned to the sea, to their natural habitat.   


  • A strong anti LTN campaigner, Farah has visited all the affected boroughs across London and taken the time to visit and speak to both residents and businesses that are suffering with the LTN initiative.


  • She has witnessed mass injustices from councils ignoring residents, bullying, harassment and intimidation tactics, therefore she stands firmly to continue the fight and support communities being affected.


  • Farah is actively assisting communities to help build cases and share knowledge between different boroughs, as she says “We must unite together, to bring change.”


  • In partnership with Binning Knives Saves Lives we are fully committed to the against fight knife crime in our city, through key partnerships with local charities and community leaders.


  • Attend our Anti Knife Demo on Saturday 3rd July 2021

Get Involved to deliver the below projects in London


  • Opening a women centre in the most disadvantaged boroughs to provide a centre of excellence for women, to empower, equip and train women, through courses, mental wellbeing, business training, safe space and co-working facilities.


  • Connecting women to private funding initiatives for innovative female entrepreneurship start-up grants, designed to provide women with access to capital and mentorship


  • Lobby government legislation for the promotion of gender equality


  • Working with the private sector Farah will have laptops for children sponsored, so no disadvantaged child does not have one


  • Sponsorship of Internet dongles to be provided to pupils that do not have internet access


  • Free Performing Art and Creative academies opened across London for youth aged from 8 – 21, to provide opportunities away from crime and gang culture. The academies will provide free access to courses in music, acting, film making, editing, coding, dance, singing. This will be supplemented with state of the art recording studios and photography and film equipment accessible for free


  • Mentor Programme introduced, by working with businesses to develop mentorship programs


  • Youth work experience program working with local businesses to provide work placement opportunities, do you have an opportunity to contact us today


  • Establish a cross-faith multi-cultural and religious centre for understanding and celebration. All religions will be represented and have permanent priests, that will actively work together to bring our communities closer together


  • Open a dedicated black cultural museum to learn, understand and celebrate black culture and arts from all over the world


  • Build an eco-village to eradicate rough sleeping on the streets of London, the villages will house converted shipping containers, self-contained apartments with private shower / toilet facilities


  • Introduce an employment system for the homeless community and introduce training programs including environmental work to protect the environment

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